Here we grow again in Las Vegas


Apr 26, 2005
Sweet! Amazing that Las Vegas fell into second place behind Denver for the most flights and by a pretty good margin. But I am sure Denver will also be adding more flights as well. We are hearing of more Denver growth coming.
Not sure if the Vegas additions is a move to increase due to the Frontier move last month or if it's just adding back in flights previously tapered back during pandemic times, maybe a little of both.

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We have been hearing (internally) for 2-3 years now that SWA is/was looking at starting up some Red Eyes. And now they are indicating Vegas and Hawaii will be the starter states.
Also be aware that along with the Red Eye talks, way back when, SWA was also mentioning going into DFW to help growth in Dallas as well as with international flights too. The final restriction on DFW goes away here soon and the talks mentioned the year 2026 for the DFW move.
I have always said I would luv to see Southwest at DFW before I retire, so in hopes all these rumors do come true.
Another rumor making it's rounds is a possible merger due to the lack of planes we will be getting from the reductions on deliver from Boeing over the next 2-3 years or so. Two airlines are standing out a little for now, but I find them not getting thru DOJ, at least during this current administration. More info on the merger rumors when the info get more accurate. BTW; look at how quick the co came to terms with a few groups that were still under contract nego's, the word on the street is that SWA wanted to clean everything up prior to entering any kind of merger talks/offers for a more clean, efficient and quicker merger to get planes, flight crews and routes ASAP. Stay tuned for more info as SWA needs to grow and this may be the best way since Boeing is cutting aircraft deliveries too much for SWA to grow...