Hooters Air??

Time to play devil's advocate here...I think Hooters Air will make money hand over fist. Are you kidding? Businessmen will be fighting over seats on those planes. ( The same businessmen, I should add,that "arent flying anymore"). This idea, carried to it's logical conclusion...i.e. hooters hostesses as F/A's, certainly goes against political correctness ( among other things), and that in itself will attract some pax. As long as the new F/A are trained in safety procedures etc...why not.[:devil:]
Went by 533 Mexico City Avenue the other day(Vanguard HQ)and saw just a few people left in the building. I could not get in to talk with anyone, but I did see a couple of guys through the lobby glass. I gestured "thumbs up" and "thumbs down". The reply was "thumbs down". Looks like no "Hooters Air".