House Resolution 586

Ken MacTiernan

Aug 12, 2003
San Diego CA
The time is now for our profession to be recognized by a National Resolution. I am forwarding this e-mail to you all to ask you to forward it along further. This is not a "chain e-mail". It is simply a call for support. The support that is needed is for those who read this to pick up your phone and call your Congressman. Tell them that you support this House Resolution (HR) 586 to recognize Charles E. Taylor. Do not only forward this to fellow AMTs but to friends and family.
A phone call by people to their respective Congressmen/women will most likely result in a message being taken by the receptionist. But this message will be relayed to your Representative. A phone call is a small thing to do to help ensure that Charles E. Taylor be given the recognition that he justly earned.
To check to see if your State has passed a resolution please check and click on the AMT Day Map link. If there are any questions I may be reached at this e-mail or at (619) 395-6681. Help support a proud craft & profession. Sincerely, Ken MacTiernan Director AMTA

(I am unable to attach the attachment in the e-mail sent to me on this BB. If you wish to read it please e-mail me and I will be happy to forward it to you. My e-mail is

Dear Aviation Maintenance Colleagues,

For many years many of you have exhibited a personal commitment to enhancing the recognition of aviation maintenance professionals and a number of you have succeeded in helping to develop Aviation Maintenance Technician Day in your state. This summer, PAMA committed to spearheading the effort to develop a National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. The onus of that commitment is my personal commitment to FAA’s Sacramento-based Richard “Dillyâ€￾ Dilbeck to help shepherd this resolution, of which he is the patron saint, through Congress to President Bush’s desk.

We have generated support on the Hill for this “feel goodâ€￾ resolution, but now is the time to press for personal commitments from Congress if we have a prayer to get this done in time for next May 24. As I approach Members of Congress, I would like your assent on the wording of this resolution before we submit it to be finalized to congressional legal staff. This is an industry resolution and needs the support of all of us to succeed. Please have a look at the attached Draft Resolution.

I hope to provide this to our legal support team by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and would appreciate you sending any edits or comments as quickly as possible to If you’d like to help support this effort, please share your thoughts with me anytime. The above email list, while large, is not exhaustive. Please spread the word of this industry effort to your colleagues across the aviation industry and among the flying public and forward to me the contact info of any supporters you think I should include in this industry effort.

We guarantee the careful evaluation of all suggestions and comments for possible inclusion in the final wording of the resolution. I’ll keep you all posted on our progress via email updates and news releases on the PAMA website at

Thank you very much for your support for this very important resolution!

Best personal regards,


Brian F. Finnegan, A&P


Professional Aviation Maintenance Association

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