How about a Cohen for DFW Vice so much


Jun 17, 2011
How about a Southwest Region VP… not so much -

Douglas Cohen’s Resume

I hired on with American Airlines in 1988, in Tulsa on the 727 heavy C line. I worked in Tulsa for 3 years and then transferred to DFW line in 1991. I have worked as a General Aircraft Mechanic ever sense here at DFW.

I became a shop steward in 1993 for Local 513. I ran for the Election committee twice and helped to conduct elections of officers and contract votes in while in Local 513, when maintenance and stores split, I ran for midnight section chairman for two terms and served the membership of Local 565. I have 6 years of experience handling the day to day work and keeping track of hundreds of grievances. I have been involved in arbitration and disciplinary proceedings. The entire time that I worked as a section chairman I was interested in the safety of our members and worked to find solutions for many safety issues. After being a section chairman I was asked to take on the safety chairman’s responsibilities. I have been the Local 565 Safety Chairman for the last six years. During my tenure as the safety chairman I was elected to be the chairman of the joint system safety group. We met each quarter year and shared safety issues and safety solutions. During my time as the safety chairman my team of safety stewards and I have started and maintained many safety related initiatives.

The following are just some to the initiatives that our team has been responsible for:
1. The hangar floor anti‐slip coatings.
2. The hangar and line lightning protection and alerting system.
3. The safety eye glass program both prescription and non‐prescription.
4. The ongoing inspection and subsequent resolution of hangar and line safety items.
5. Tooling and maintenance stand testing and development.
6. Fall protection equipment.
7. The First Responder Program ( 2 lives saved so far).
8. The bump cap purchasing and distribution.
9. Safety shoe program thru payroll deduction.
10. First aid kit inspection and replenishment.

And many more small day to day items that we take for granted as we do our jobs. I have also been asked to attend and participate in the Ground Safety Board Working Group meetings at headquarters and so I am very familiar with dealing with the people over there on a continuing basis to benefit our member’s.

REALITY: Doug plays the super nice guy, the ultimate team player, as long as he is getting what he wants. He recently lost his full-time dayshift safety position and has been lobbying AA to appoint him the TWU system safety coordinator. Doug got really mad because he lost his personal office, where he used to build his toy soldiers and model airplanes all day.

Lets see, Doug says he has six years of experience in handling grievances but has not done so in several years, that should make the DFW membership really uncomfortable about the representation he will be able to provide them if he is elected as their Regional Vice President. Mishak is at least a current Executive Board member at Local 565 and one could reasonable take away from that, that Jerry actually does deal with member issues on a daily basis.

On a lighter note, word is that Doug asked good ole’ uncle Don to “help a brother out” but even Don couldn’t find a way to scam Doug out of the DFW headcount; like Bob Vandaloo or Gordon Clark. So when king Don called the “Soldevere Ticket” over to the house for a sermon and exorcist, to eradicate the from all their sins and in hopes of an intervention from Peterson, Schaible, Owens, Rojas, & Ruiz getting reelected Doug hopped right onboard. The good news is as a first responder, Doug may be able to save Don’s heart from stopping when “Team Videtich” goes down in flames!

Last but not least, isn't Cohen a jewish name? So Doug is supporting Soldevere, a guy who quotes Hitler in his letters to the membership. Talk about the ultimate insult, wow and Soldevere also has a guy named Goldschmidt on his ticket...these guys should be furious over Soldevere's quote but then again, maybe they sold their soul to the god they call Videtich.
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