How Are These People Still Working?


Aug 26, 2002
My son had a ticket to Scandinavia on Icelandair. They've suspended service to NYC for the winter,so he had to go to BOS to get the flight. I booked him on the Shuttle, and took him to LGA. At check-in,got the rudest, most slothful agent I have ever seen. Unhelpful. First told us there was no interline agreement for bags. I mentioned I was US1, and had called the Liaison line for info, and had been told there was such an agreement. She finally called someone, who literally had to tell her what to type to get the tag printed. She was so busy giving attitude, she forgot to notice that his Shuttle ticket was Electronic, and instead, pulled his first coupon for the overseas flight. I have a simple question. With all the layoffs of some genuinely fine employees, given the current state of business, and relations with regular customers, how are people like this still working, and what can the boneheads in charge be thinking, putting people like this out front?