How are we supposed to...?


Aug 20, 2002
With this realization above, I am convinced now more than ever that this company is being run into the ground by the biggest herd of non-educated imbecilic morons a company could ever want to have on payroll, starting from the top.
What's that saying? From 1st to worst, in no time? Guarantee it.


Aug 20, 2002
More layoffs? How are we supposed to process the passengers?
I work in a station that was recently hit hard by the furloughs. The new flight schedule went into effect last Sunday. Our new work schedule began on Monday. The Bean Counters in Crystal City say that we can operate out ticket counter with six agents per shift. Guess what! Our lines are so long now its not funny. What a DISSERVICE to our passengers. How ironic, too, one day after a large number of agents are furloughed or have been forced to transfer out - GUESS WHAT!- Our company announces further staffing reductions.
No flight reductions, just staffing reductions!
We just had record breaking statistics with our on-time performance and passenger complaints - Enjoy that while it lasts, Uncle Dave! Keep chipping away at us and you will find that you will achieve record LOW performance - Not a threat, just a plain fact!
- Our on time perfoamance will suffer because we cannot process the passengers fast enough because we do not have enough help,
- Complaints are going to soar ; no one likes to wait in line forever only to find that their flight has departed without them, not because they were running late, but because we had to let the flight go on time ( Any time a flight is delayed the delay has to be accounted for. Since Crystal City says we have enough help then by God, we have enough help. Nothing a Station Manager may say or do will convince the staffing bean counter geniuses in Crystal City any differently. So to delay a flight because we could not process the passengers is UNACCEPTABLE! The Station Managers butt is now on the line)
I fully understand the need to trim costs in order to survive, but come what expense!!!


Aug 22, 2002

You just received in the mail complimentary upgrades from Dave for U's DOT stat's. From management's point of view, until those numbers go south, we are overstaffed.


Aug 20, 2002
Dave must be listening to Al C.

What a mistake.

Customer service is a joke. We are treating are business passengers like cow dung. It really appears that the master plan is to run the company into the toilet and sell remaining parts away. What remaining employees will working for Mid Atlantic Air...ways @ $7.00 to $13.01 per hour. Impressions of Excellence.

The businessmen have choices and they'll soon walk. It's just a matter of time....Good job...Dave and Al C. you done your jobs well.
Aug 20, 2002
you have not heard the best can thank the good old cwa for this one......can not say anything right now......but looks like the company might have other openings in the us, but because of labor laws they will have to hire off of the street.....which is going to cost them a fortune.....but thank the cwa for this the rep told me he doesn't care about the layed off employees, he cares about getting more union dues.....he is an employee of usairways that now works for the cwa, but he will brag that he is still getting all of his seniority and if something would happen to the cwa, but he knows for fact he has another seven years with them, then he comes back to the company with his seniority......this is the people that stood up for us against the company.....look how many new memberships they are going to receive with the commuters////this is a joke and they are taking us down the river.......great group standing up for us......

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
I can see another Retro Giveback in our furture....Dave is going to ask for his upgrades back!!!!