How can Judge Peck help Judge Lane?


Jun 12, 2010
Why was this extra judge needed?
It was just to help Judge Lane sort out the details. Hey, he was in overload in a complex case.
Needed help from the back-up guy.
Not believing in the basket of stuff coming from the co. lawyers?
Needed a 2nd opinion from an associate, which will help him to make the decision by the 22 of June.
This has to be a good sign for the unions!

Your opinion, please.
Boths sides claiming the other was not negotiating. Me too Clauses the make for Complex Arguments.

Mediation will sort of who, what, where, and when needs to happen.

Time to crap or get off the pot.
Peck is an outsider who hasn't had to sit thru the arguments presented for or against abrogation, so it's less likely he'll be accused of bias.

Regardless of that - why does the mighty AMR have to go through a court of any kind to manage its business? The company retains that right, per all union contracts - if a layoff has to occur, what's the hold-up? Why the threats to decimate the employees?

Bastards, all!
If you go with what's been reported out of the Court hearings, it seems Judge Lane wants to make sure AA and the unions get one last shot to get a deal without talking about 2003 and letting that hold things up. He's made several comments that 2003 is not part of this equation and it seems Judge Peck is there to make sure everyone stays on path. If not, abrogation seems to be the decision.

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