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Nov 12, 2005
Low and Slow

How to fly business class on the cheap
FBFL is the offshoot of a US real estate operation that harvests big numbers of frequent flyer points in the course of doing business. FBFL operates as a points broker, using those points to purchase business and first-class tickets for flyers who want ...

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To fly business class on a budget, utilize miles or points for redemption, keep an eye out for deals and promotions, maintain flexibility with travel dates and routes, book early or take advantage of last-minute discounts, consider bidding for upgrades, opt for off-peak or red-eye flights, use fare comparison tools to find the best prices, explore flying from smaller airports, negotiate with airlines for discounts or upgrades, and consider flights with layovers or stopovers for potentially lower fares. These strategies can help you secure business class seats without breaking the bank, allowing you to enjoy premium travel experiences at a fraction of the cost.