I agree with you AFA


Aug 20, 2002
AFA attorneys filed a pleading today, asking the bankruptcy court to deny United’s motion to implement its Key Employee Retention Program, which would provide bonuses and extra pay to executives and managers during the bankruptcy process. We object to management expecting rank and file workers to agree to substantial cuts in wages and benefits, while management wants to reward themselves with significant improvements in their compensation and benefits. Thursday, AFA also filed a motion in bankruptcy court to delay approval of United CEO Glenn Tilton''s contract. The filing argues that, (quote) The timing of this motion could not be worse from a labor relations standpoint. Just as UAL is seeking major changes in union employment contracts, they also propose that the employment contract of their chief executive should remain unchanged in the bankruptcy process. (End quote). Everything should be on the table and open for consideration when it comes to the financial future of our Company. Since United has placed our Collective Bargaining Agreement before the Court, we believe it necessary to have the Court review all Employment Contracts.


Aug 27, 2002
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
This company's management sucks and doesn't get it.
SOS - different day. So much for hoping things had changed.


Aug 20, 2002
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They pulled the same scam over here at Usairways,, While everyone took concessions,, a hand full of WING TIP WONDERS shared 6 MILLION DOLLARS in bonuses !! My hats off to the AFA,for at least exposing the rats to the light of day..