I heard a few things this week


Aug 20, 2002
1.Apr 2003 schedule change will be interesting
2.RJs can go 925 miles
3.It was said that the break even load factor from a major us city to our hub with our current cost structure and the current fares using a A319/320 or B737 300/500 is 110%, with a 50 seat RJ passenger 17 is the break even passenger, and passengers 18-50 are pure profit ??? (ERP 2 would help)
4.5.8 billion is a thin margin that could be affected by extended Iraq war, fuel prices,economy, and the buisness passenger not slowly coming back ?
5.ATSB loan approval put at 50/50
6.Hoping for reinstatment of a Shuttle like operation.
7.41% of all domestic flying could be UAX in the future.
I've heard things this week also:

* There are more people without wealth than with.
* Poor people today will be poor tomorrow.
* If you have wealth, you are not poor.
* If you are poor, you are not wealthy.

Stay tune for more breaking news.