I voted YES today


Nov 27, 2002
I have to give the airline a chance to survive, so I signed my name to the paper, took a ballot, crossed the top box (yes) on the ballot, and inserted the slip into the ballot box.
I made up my mind last night...I was leaning towards a NO vote, had enough of bailing management out, loged onto this BB, and started reading how a non-ual mechanic is trying to tell us all to vote NO just to save his own payrates at his airline. This guy, did not care that a no vote could lead to BK, nahhhhhh....better yet, he said its a better option. He did not care BK would lead to layoffs, ten-fold of what we are seeing now. He did not care that Indy could close, he did not care that our medical benifits (which have not changed in this T/A) could all be switched to a 80% match plan, that we have to pay $90 a month for familly coverage. No, no $25 for surgury, if it cost $10,000, insurance will pay 8, you pay $2000. Hmmm, 25 or 2000?????????? We still get our retro check, wow, everybody thought that was gone, FOR SURE! So thats a plus. So this guy with his better option is thinking of himself and only that.
Mr Bob,
Please tell me something. Do you think voting no is going to make United just say, well, even if we file BK we will not cut the mechanics pay, because they said they dont want it cut. HAAAAAAA......If United files BK, you can bet we will be taking a even BIGGER cut, and guess what, we dont have a choice then. Then guess what will happen, American will do the same damn thing or file for BK also. Then Delta will say the same, and the Delta mechanics dont get a vote.
I was willing to take the risk and vote no, but seeing you with your GREED, leting us fall for you to gain, I went to the table today, and said softley to myself, this is for you Bob, as I marked the YES box.
Oct 14, 2002
Marc It appears you were one of the few. It will be interesting to see the company's and union's reaction. If United follows it's normal style it will be the typical knee jerk reaction. If Tilton is as they say a learned man he may say put the brakes on I have some poor relations to deal with in the appropriate way. Pissing on pissed off mechanics does not do good to keep planes flying. He might realize that the people that have been advising him about the mechanics may have been all wet. We shall see.


Aug 20, 2002

Tilton doesn't have time to simply put on the brakes and realize he has relations he needs to repair. UA is staring down the barrel of a bankruptcy filing within the next 10 days. He has no time to deal with other issues, no matter how important we all think they are. He has already acknowledged that the culture at UA sucks and that he will change it, with all of our help. He knows the problems exist. But nothing meaningful can change at UA until our finances and balance sheet are stabilized. That is where the focus needs to be. Give Tilton a little slack. Look at what he's accomplished in only 3 months! If we had brought him in a year ago instead of wasting our time with an overmatched Creighton, we wouldn't even be having this bankruptcy discussion.


Aug 20, 2002

Bob is your target???

The truth usually does hurt the most!

I bet you didn't mind letting those NWA mechanics lose retro, fight the AFL-CIO, NMB, and the PEB to make your financial gains...DID YOU?

Until all mechanics get under one union umbrella, you and I will require involvement in others affairs. The airlines will continue to use each group against each other until we unite under one union.