I would like to wish our partners in the association a happy and safe Columbus day holiday!

dfw gen

Dec 1, 2011
who knows maybe the iam will actually enter the fight to help us in turn helping themselves.
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is membership in the association worth paying your partners 2 times what you are making today?
Pretty sure that’s not one of our holidays but hey don’t let that stop you
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check your contract, yup its n there. funny you dont know what holidays you do have, while we are very aware of the ones we dont. but dont let that stop you
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Columbus Day is racist and old school. ;)
you sir are correct for fleet service it is not a holiday for you.

it is however a holiday for iam mechanics.

(D) Employees will observe the following holidays each year on the 2 dates established by Federal law, and the holiday pay will be equal to the 3 number of regularly scheduled hours: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King 4 Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, 5 Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and 6 Christmas Day. The actual day on which the holiday falls will be observed 7 as the holiday.
I’m totally confident that International Prez John S (who by the way said he would observe from afar) has instructed Alex Garcia to mark down in his TWU provided pocket calendar what holidays we don’t have and to be sure and hold out until we get retro for every single one our IAM brothers are getting paid for. I guess Sito would need to approve it though.