Initial report on UPS crash in DXB


Dec 28, 2009
SanFranFreako, KommieFornia
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The early expiration of the crew oxygen is a major concern, and was the reason for the captain leaving his station.
WHY did the O2 expire so quickly?
Did the fire, or heat, somehow render the system inoperable?

The "malfunction" with the gear, is probably because it was lowered in excess of the max gear extension speed (once down, speed isn't a problem).

Smoke in the cockpit, and the resultant almost zero visibility, obviously became the greatest threat - they couldn't see anything inside, or outside.

The extremely low time on type, and recent experience of both crew members is surprising, for a company the size of UPS, who would have no shortage of higher-time applicants.

Blog: Pirep

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Glenn Quagmire

Apr 30, 2012
Final report here:

Very chilling. Tailwinds to the pilots. RIP.
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