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Aug 19, 2002
I think its quite amusing that many posters here in the past have been telling us (the employees) that we are crazy because we complain so much about the inefficiencies and lack of understanding and knowledge of what goes on in the front lines and in many instances overall lack of knowledge by our many highly compensated and necessary management teams. Then something like this appears out of no where and its the end of the world. Now you know how those of us who have to put up with the constant change/turmoil/lack of understanding with regards to the passenger and employees/lack of first hand knowledge (to a degree) as to how the entire operation runs from those above and now this *added* benefit to make things better. I wont profess to know all the behind the scenes going ons and I admit I dont know how to run a company this size (I didnt go to school to do that and I''m not getting paid to do that either), but I do know the difference between treating someone fairly and with respect and telling them they can basically (edited in advance by me). We''ve been beating our heads against the wall in regards to many of these items all these many years and just when things get to their lowest something else comes along to kick things even further down the pole. Now do many of you understand why there is so much frustration and disillusion with anything we hear from CCY? I know things have to change (and hopefully soon), but this is another in the long list of management ideas that seems to make US look out of touch with reality. If there is a plan to change the pricing structure, make it soon. It should have been announced BEFORE these *added* benefits were addressed. I think someone needs to change the air filters in CCY. There seems to be a lack of oxygen flowing around there these days. [:p] [;)] [:bigsmile:]
Tad are so right.

I am stunned. We are trying to encourage passengers
to fly the airline and these "so called experts" come out
with these changes..which are totally consumer unfriendly.

I spend all day trying to please the folks....and sell
them a good product. I really cannot see why holding
onto an unused ticket for a year is really going to
hurt the airline. We have their money. So it takes
a minute to rebook it.... Lots of people forget their
credits and we make money on that.

Another thing....standby. Is that an expensive item
for ticket agents to handle at the airport?? Maybe
now with baggage rules....but again....standby is
a such a low cost way to make someone happy...especially
a chairman 1, 2 or 3....

I really think these executives should spend some
quality time with our passengers. They truly do not
get it. On the plus side, I agree there is room
for a no-refund, no stby, no change product....
but it has to be priced rock bottom....and I mean..
like priceline and hotwire. If we are no longer going
to sell on those web sites, and we can sell our own
product, fine.

But on a 300 -900 dollar nonrefundable, I don't see
these rules holding up. Hope everyone writes a letter...
On 8/28/2002 4:40:04 PM

I think its quite amusing that many posters here in the past have been telling us (the employees) that we are crazy because...

Just for the record -- I've never thought you were crazy on that particular subject. [;)] Employees are a gold mine of information about how to make things better in any organization. Of course you have to go through a lot of ore sometimes to get to the gold [8)] -- but it's there.

The crazyness has been some of the "logic" that gets built up around some of those observations. [:halo:]
I too have not been criticizing the employees for anything. The only US Air employees I have gotten into any argument with in the years I have been CP have been the ones on this board that have called me a liar, fat and overly concerned with phallic issues [;)] because I have said the new rules will keep me from flying US Air. I hope they change these, I hope I can continue flying the US Air I have flown for the past 10 or more years. I wish well the many employees that I have enjoyed meeting and I hope our relationship continues. Im not angry at US Air management or not certainly employees. I just think it is important that it be clear why I make travel choices and how this effects those choices. Best wishes.
I would like to go on the record and restate what I have been saying all along here--that US employees are the best in the industry. However management has seen fit to throw away all the good will and loyalty generated by you loyal employees with these stupid changes.

Since AA has already gone on record as stating that they will NOT change AAdvantage like US is proposing, the clock is ticking for a retraction.....

Good luck to all my friends at US.