It seems a bit schizophrenic...


Sep 11, 2002
I have been monitoring these boards for the last few weeks. I decided not to contribute until I thought I would have something worthwhile to add to the discussion. This is what I have observed and my thoughts on those observations.
1. The mechanics are upset, not only with the Company but also with the IAM. My question is, Why are they upset with the Company? Is it soley because of the bonus payments? If it is, look at it from this perspective. The people who work as managers, directors, etc. have an implied contract with the Company. For achieving certain goals, they are rewarded. Those goals were achieved in years past,but not paid until this year. Dave has already said the bonus will not be paid to numerous V.P.s. Is this really an issue to vote no? What is the beef with the IAM? They are your elected leaders. Now, you want to change horses in the middle of the stream with AMFA.That makes a lot of sense. Let''s vote no, have the IAM defend our cause in Court,(yea, right) and them vote them out. I don''t think you are going to get much representation in that scenario. Do you really think the AMFA is going to be any different?
2. I truly believe the STEEL MILL mentality continues to exist in Pittsburgh. How many fathers/grandfathers are now working as security guards because they chose not to accept the changing conditions of the steel industry? To those of you who vote no, where are you going to go to make the type of money, have the benefits you will have under the revised contract? Look at the economy, nobody is hiring.
3. Pride and honor do not pay the bills or put food on the table. Raising the white flag is not a sign of defeat. It is an honorable way to save what you have and come back to fight another day. You want the AMFA. Good, go for it. But if the Company ceases to exist, the AMFA is nothing than a pipe dream.
If you vote no, what does that vote say: I am upset with the Company or, does it say, I am upset with the IAM? One really does not know. However, a yes vote says, I want the Company to stay in business, I want my reduced pay-check, and, in the mean time, I am going to work to get the IAM off the property.