Its a rough day for DL trading and finances

[P][SPAN class=headline][A href=][FONT size=2]Delta sees $350 million quarterly loss[/FONT][/A][/SPAN][/P]
[P][SPAN class=headline][SPAN class=headline][A href=][FONT size=2]InPlay: Delta Air Lines resumes trading[/FONT][/A][/SPAN][/SPAN][/P]
[P][SPAN class=headline][SPAN class=headline][SPAN class=headline][SPAN class=headline][SPAN class=headline][A href=][FONT size=2]Delta Sees a Loss, Amends Credit Line[/FONT][/A][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN][/P]


Aug 23, 2002
As long as Pres. G.W. Bush continues to Wag the Dog in the face of World views, the United States economy will sink. This President needs to show the world his proof, and stop just shooting his mouth off. For those who questioned his foreign policy experience before the election; they were right!

The leader of this ship of sinking Airlines is going to be in order US, UA, CO, AW, AA, DL, NW... That should make everyone happy, just fly Southwest and whatever other low costs remain.

If anyone thinks this is just bull, bookmark this page and lets return to it in 6months. Heck I think it'll be more profitable for someone to go to LAS and make bets on which Airline goes next.
Aug 19, 2002


Aug 20, 2002
Well isn't that a convenient excuse. Let's all blame the President for this industry's ills and future struggle for survival. [BR][BR]If you truly believe Bush is the problem, then why don't you go to DC, put a flower in your hair and sing Give Peace a Chance while marching in solidarity around the White House; or how about writing your Congressman. Here's an idea, why don't you get off your butts and vote in the next election since, historically, only about half of the eligible voters take the initiative to exercise their civic rights in any presidential election. [BR][BR]I wonder what you all would have said about Kennedy's unilateral, pre-emptive move to blockade Cuba during the missle crisis. An executive decision which put us at the brink of nuclear war. [BR][BR]Unlike today, back then the airline industry was enjoying the fruits of new expansion and prosperity due in large part to the introduction of intercontinental-range jet aircraft. Therefore, I'm sure all your fathers were standing up for the home team, and eating apple pie and singing God Bless America.[BR][BR]What I'm trying to convey here is let's stop blaming everyone else and accept our own personal responsibilities for what is happening to us. [BR][BR]Here's a thought, nothing in this life is ever fair. So instead of whining and complaining, learn to adapt, overcome, and roll with the changes that will inevitably get thrown our way. [BR][BR]So what if its Bush's fault. Are you gonna just sit at your computers and let him destroy everything you love and enjoy about your lives and careers? [BR][BR]How many of you can pass this simple test on ways you can be your own best defense against stupid politicians (or anyone else for that matter):[BR][BR]1. How many of you have a second job skill to fall back on? [BR][BR]2. How many of you have your financial house in order and are not living paycheck to paycheck, and servicing huge debts with minimum monthly payments? [BR][BR]3. How many of you have at least six months of liquid savings available to cover unexpected contingencies like a job loss, medical emergencies, etc., etc. [BR][BR]4. How about a reserve supply of food staples, fuel, and other living necessities?[BR][BR]IOW, are you living your lives in a way make you potential hostages to anyone else that comes along and changes the rules of the game? It requires some initiative and a little bit of self-sacrifice, but it is a worthwhile investment in your future peace of mind and security.[BR][BR]Sorry for the thread drift on this one. [BR][BR]Okay, I'm done ranting.....go ahead and flame away!