It''s All About Options

Jan 3, 2003
As I read these boards, I feel the anger and disappointment that others feel regarding our current situation. Those of us who have been around for many years have seen many changes....both good and bad. I think we can all agree that lately, we are in bad times. I saw an interesting flyer today that the IAM was giving to ramp employees in their meetings outlining their options. It was a depressing view of where we are as far as options for other employment. I read Dea Certe on another thread mention that we are not stupid...we need to get out there and find other employment. Dea Certe also mentioned that he/she would reluctantly vote yes, with a bad taste because it is better to find a job, while you have a job. I agree!
So, many of us are angry because we continue to be faced with losing more and more compared to what we once had in this job that most of us have made into a career. However, when you really look at what is out there as listed on this flyer...unemployment rates between 5% and 6%, average salaries in retail jobs between $7-$10/hr with higher benefit costs than our latest offering... it is depressing.
Most of us who are left have been here for many years. Although we are bright and do our job better than most in the industry, if faced with looking for other employment, how will we stack up? I see some of the fleet messages and some in my group too (CWA) comparing our salaries or benefits to what the pilots have. Face it, although we are good at our jobs, we were required to have a high school diploma and a valid driver''s license to get our job. Those of us who have a degree can try to put it to work in another industry but our competition is with those in the technology industry and others for what kinds of jobs???
The reality is that we should be comparing what the new agreement provides for us compared to what is out there and let the past go.... it is gone.
Those of you who think that we can get by with one or more groups not need to be prepared for the worse...and you are possibly subjecting all of us to the worse fate we can have as a company. I hear some of my coworkers say...what is $11 million....they won''t shut down for that...then I read fleet saying, what is $14 million, they won''t shut down for that....add it up.... or better yet, how will the other groups react when one group appears to be getting a free ride? Will the pilots or mechanics say to''s okay Ann, you don''t have to participate, I''ll bump up my contribution since you''ve given over the last several years.... or do you think they''ll say, you are only giving $11 million vs. my $100 million and $40+ million, which is YOUR fair share.
I hear others want to vote No to send a message. Who will be impacted by that message? What do you think the prospects are for future employment for Siegel vs. a CWA or ramp agent? Who is going to be hurt by sending a message with your vote?
Today, in light of the tragic accident in CLT, for a short time, we felt like a family again as we joined together in sorrow for those who lost loved ones. Like it or not, we are all in this together. We can argue over how we got here and how much it hurts to be here and we can speculate forever on what will happen if we vote No but the painful truth is that our futures are much better if we do what we need to do to survive. Those of us who want to stay..can and those of us who don''t will at least have a job to keep food on the table until they find a new job on their terms.
Sorry for the long opinion.... good luck to all and for those of you who think that we can keep the status quo by voting no, you have more than your own fate in your hands.
I agree completely

We need to compare our restuctured jobs at US with any employment opportunities "out there" before we can make a rational decision....

Our jobs as we knew them for years are gone.
I also agree.

Let's keep the company alive.Assuming we exit BK in the spring if this isn't the place you want to work make the move on your terms.There are no guarantees we will recover and certainly our competitors would love to see us fail but to end it now would be tragic.