Jet Blue hiring?


Feb 20, 2003
According to their website, they are. Over the last year I''ve probably applied for at least ten to fifteen finance-related jobs on their website site I think I’m qualified for, but have had no response. I also live a couple of miles away from their HQ. Just curious, what exactly are they looking for? I don’t have any work experience in the aviation field, but I’m really passionate and knowledgeable of the industry. It doesn’t seem to matter to them no matter how much I put it across in my application package. So what gives?
I’d love to get into the industry and I know it’s a bad time, but there seems to be some positions available. Quite a few airlines are advertising (LH, ATA, AF, to name a few). So, what does it take to work for an airline these days?
jetBlue is hiring... it took me about 4 months to get a response, but I am about to start the training in Miami. They do have a job hotline you can call. It is listed on their website under the link 'contact us'. They are looking for customer service focused individuals. A lot of the decision is based on the essay type questions you answer.
johnny gearpin -- the walk-in cold call to a transportation company is not a good idea these days, I know there are enhanced security precautions and if your target company's employees don't challenge your presence then I'm sure some folks from the DOT would be interested in your experience.

Chad -- congratulations on your new job! But you don't need to post your personal info on a message board -- trust me! Why don't you edit your post?

stud lee -- there are better ways to attract a potential employer's attention. PM me if you want to discuss further.

And I'm not recruiter and don't have anything to sell you. Just friendly advice.