JetBlue to return 5 LGB slots which will go to AA and AS

Aug 19, 2002
JetBlue has agreed to a settlement that returns to the city of Long Beach 5 of its slots. If the city and the FAA agree to the settlement 3 of the slots will go to AA and 2 to AS.
The settlement contains a couple of extra points. First, once AA and AS take the slots they must continue to use them. If these slots are abandoned (i.e. flights cancelled by AA or AS) anytime before 2009 the slots revert to JetBlue.
Additionally the city will do a new noise study that will determine how far the current limit is below the cumulative noise budget that exists in the airport''s settlement agreement and local ordinance. Since the number of slots was determined using 1980s average aircraft noise levels, it is likely there could be more slots possible. JetBlue is given a priority for the first few new slots created with additional new slots being allocated to all 3 airlines.,141...1156257,00.html