Jetblue''s Ride Bumpy (Again?)


Aug 21, 2002
It''s a new week, and Morgan Stanley is excercising its fiduciary responsiblity again (thanks Busdrvr, for reminding us how the analysts are guided by high moral values). Another downgrade. Those double-digit profits are hell on the investors. Still glad you sold all of your Jetblue, Morgan Stanley?
Farley, nice to see you can write my name without even 1 swear word!! I assure you that I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with JBlues downgrade (or the recent earthquakes in Japan). But I think you should expect multiple up and down moves in the stock over the next few years. It's a shame that you have to worry constantly about the stock price (since it has such a large impact on your retirement and compensation). Oh and BTW, I don't care for many of the analyst myself. I despise anyone that advocates, or actively participates in, the destruction of a once great career. Double digit profits are wonderful, when they are real and sustainable
Busdrvr,(right on cue)
I promise never to use your name next to a curse.
No, it is not a shame I care about the stock price,it''s called capitalism. Didn''t a few (meaning thousands) lose a good portion of thir UAL retirement in UAL stock? Yes, they did. We all realize the risk of the market. But at least our incentives are in line with those of our company. You know old boy, pulling on the same end of the rope, as it were?
I know you''ll have some pedantic rant ready for me, so let her rip!
Busdriver, You need to wake up! Airtran, JetBlue and Southwest are making money and United ain't. From your last post you seem to be making the implication that JB is doing something with the financial books where's your evidence. Their load factors are higher than anyone in the business and they get the most favorable press of all the airlines combined (my opinion). But who cares its all about the bottom line and I think you should know that by now.