Jumpseat Policy Question


Aug 19, 2002
First of all...A Very Big THANK YOU!!! For allowing us to Jumpseat. But could someone please shed some light on your Jumpseat Policy for me. Especially the Dress Code, someone somewhere mentioned I must be in Uniform. Is that correct? I''m planning to visit the Big Apple and I really don''t want to wait till November. Thanks again...[:kiss:]
Riding in uniform isn't required. You should of course be neatly dressed, and you'll need to display your ID in order to actually ride the jumpseat if the flight is full. If you're not in uniform, business casual is best, but not required. You can get away with nice jeans, but not shorts, sandals, t-shirts, etc. Dress as though you might have to help with an evacuation. Just use common sense and you'll be fine. Welcome! We're glad to have you.
Way to go jetBlue!!...I hope this kind of corperate culture is contagious..Giving all F/As access to empty jumpseats is such a help...especially for commuters in this time of flight cxlations/downsizing ect..I hope soon the good ole boys down in DFW...see the light and follow your lead, it hurts no one, and benefits all..again way to go and thx..