Just a hunch


Dec 30, 2002
Has any one else noticed anything peculiar about the alleged arrested terrorist leader''s FBI photograph floating around? I mean how stupid do they think we are. Notice the attached, cropped in fake beard on the clown. Look closely at the left side of his face at the ear lobe, our right. Does GW, Rumsfield and his corporate supporting, labor bashing, oil cartel members think we are really going to fall for this?
Ok boys, lets keep the charade up, Rumsfield, you got any good pics on your computer I can continue to sell the public? GW. My video camera is broken and Habib is getting his cammo jacket cleaned, so we can''t present Osama.
Who is the real terrorist here anyway?
What was or is the single greatest act of terrorism in history? First, we must define terrorism. According to Websters: 1. A terrorizing, use of terror and violence to intimidate, subjugate, etc., especially as a political weapon or policy 2. intimidation and subjugation produced by this; a being terrorized.
You all continue to believe what you want, tape up your homes with duct tape and plastic. Pay GW''s gas prices at the pumps, but I am not buying it for a minute. Think I am going to sell my bathwater to you on Ebay. You will buy anything.
Oh yeah. This is an aviation board, but wait. What industry other than defense uses more oil than the aviation industry. American, Texas, GW, Carty, Inauguration Party, hmmmmm. Oh, and buy the way, notice how they are all crying poor mouth now. Jumped on the poor band wagon together did''nt they? Blame it on LUV. Yeah right, they have been a player to long to become a problem overnite. Blame it on the internet bubble, yeah right. If you had invested all your eggs in that basket and failed you probably should and would not be here as a CEO to tell me it is the reason for our demise. Oh, along that line, wouldnt you be a little embarrassed to tell the board, shareholders, employees, Hey look guys, I found millions of dollars in savings overnite, just by your suggestions!. What are we paying Carty for? I consider that a failure to look beyond his nose, and I believe he should be removed for wasting all that money all those years he wasnt able to identify it.
Enough here.
Ok let the conspiracy name calling begin. I am sorry, but I have my doubts.