Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition responds to new ticketing initiative


Aug 19, 2002
Hey After the CWA and IAM are thrown out maybe they could organize the Frequent Flyers for U...2 million potential dues payers...They could file a motion with the judge to get their perks back...[:)] Itrade will be the lead attorney...have your checkbooks out and ready...
He makes sense. Unlike the guy that U quoted in the press release.

Where did U find "We've gotten customers who have said to us that they're pleased with the decision" ??? Is this like those commercials where someone is comparing subs?
Ray Pierce, chairman of Washington D.C.-based Executive Travel Associates, a member of the Travel Management Alliance, said, "This is the most sensible thing that US Airways can do. It makes a non-
refundable ticket truly non-refundable and allows the airline to price accordingly. I applaud US Airways for taking this action. I'm glad an airline has the business sense to do this."


This policy change, if adopted by other major airlines, will likely cripple any hope of a rebound in business travel demand in 2002 or 2003 as corporations respond," said Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition (BTC).

SO who do you believe? Its like the news. You either believe it or you do not. Politics, bribery, biased? Or just the facts. Your choice.
Executive Travel Associates looks basically like a travel agency that got paid some peanuts to be US's "yes man"

The Business Travel Coalition is a well-known coalition that is cited OFTEN in travel related articles.
CNN is owned by AOL-Time Warner, if I remember correctly, who is headquartered in NYC. Oops.

FWIW, I work for a Fortune 500 with a contract with both US and CO/NW. Guess which one is not going to be re-upped next year (per our corporate travel folks) if this stuff sticks?
Passenger calling reservations( whats left of it) Pax How much does it cost? whats the flight times? Are you semi safe? How much does it cost ? In the end its about cost cost cost ! Todays flying public want cheap fares even if they have to change 2 or 3 times ! South west is proving this model to be the one we will all follow! How much does it cost again? Ok ill call right back after i check so n so ![;)]