Labor Friendly US Airways Mgmt



In recent weeks, AFA reps have been threatened with lawsuits and by other intimidating actions on the part of this company''s labor friendly management team. Anyone who believes this management team cares about the employees has completely lost their mind. They only care about how they can line their pockets before they leave. If you think any of them are here for the long term you are just as crazy as they are. Anyone who is seriously considering decertifying a union is probably getting their direction from Jerry Glass and his cronies. Go ahead. Do it and see where you will end up. Do you think managment will honor your contract if you no longer have a union? Yeah, they are so labor friendly, they''ll probably give you a raise and treat you so much better than they do today. Wake up folks.

I was told that this management recently threatened to sue AFA's MEC President recently. They also threatened the MEC Vice President, as well along with the entire AFA MEC.