Letter From Joseph Tiberi of the IAM


Aug 28, 2002
I wrote the union, IAM, both local and international about how badly they handled this mess, and how many including myself signed AMFA cards. I thought I would share this letter. I am finished posting my point of view. I work with you guys, and know many of you personally. When so many very intelligent and talented people are in this kind of uproar, something is terribly wrong! No doubt about it, we are getting it put to us royally and then some! All anyone can do is arm themselves with information, separating fact from fiction, and calmly make the best decision you can for yourself and your family. Good Luck to us All
Here is the letter as received:
Dear Brother *****
The letter from District President Scotty Ford on the District 141-M web site, www.iam141m.org, is clear as to how serious the situation is. In spite of that and a letter from US Airways bankruptcy attorney clearly stating US Airways'' intentions before a judge, also on the web site, some people still choose to believe false information. Our efforts to explain the true facts will continue.
Joseph Tiberi
Communications Representative
IAM Transportation Department


Aug 20, 2002
What Joe is probably trying to say is that people are choosing not to believe the information he manufactures.
The IAM doesn't understand but they will when AMFA comes in.