Letter to Dave.


Feb 14, 2003

I thought it was about time that I wrote you
and got some things off my mind, First, I don''t think
very much of the turmoil and the financial burden that
you and your management team, if you can call them
management, have put each and every employee through.
The only thing that I have seen you and your team save
is management. The airline business has seen your
brand of management for the last 15 years. There was
Burr, Borman, Icahn, Lorezo, Wolf, Gangwal and you,
just Dave. Everyone of you, all, are nothing more than
pirate''s in a three piece suit, of course you have
learned from all the rest on how to portray yourself,
not as an enemy, but as a labor friendly person. You
are no different from the rest. You are here for one
thing, and that is to feed off the fear of loyal
employee''s, telling them that your here to save jobs
and save this company but in reality you are here just
to fill your own pockets. CEO''s are to look after the
company, make sure it is headed in the right
direction, but also to look after the welfare and
prosperity of each employee. You and your management
team are to lead, not follow. When Chrysler was going
bankrupt and Lee Iacoccia was named as CEO, he lead,
he stated I will take a $1.00 a year, if all my fellow
employee''s take a 10% pay cut and look at the
turnaround in that company. Please, from now on don''t
call us colleagues in your letters because colleague,
in the dictionary, means an associate in a
profession or in a civil or ecclesiastical office.
You are the enemy. My father told me a long time ago,
To beware of the man that shakes your hand and pats
you on the back, because, he is looking for a soft
spot to put the knife. Your credibility and your
management team have been severely damaged by all lies
and excessive pay cuts that you have inflicted on
these dedicated employee''s. Remember, that after
Steven Wolf showed us all his charts, graphs and
weekly letters on how bad this company is and how
overpaid the employee''s were, we never heard from him
again. Maybe he was busy counting his millions? This
company virtually ran with no one at the healm for 18
months, so do we {employees} really need management?
Then, you came along with your charts, graphs and
daily letters. We have all heard and seen this before.
Contemplate this,if you treat the company like a body
and the heart and blood flow are the employees and the
head and mind is management and management starts
taking nourishment from the heart like benefits and
pay {food and oxygen}and the heart and the blood flow
stop working, then the head and mind die!! And this
company is dying, you can see it in the employees
every day, they are numb. We will see if your Harvard
business plan will work and we will also see how you
are at fixing morale.


Dec 29, 2002
Alright Harley man!

With all the cost savings we gave this mangement, there is NO excuse for them not to profit.

What we will see is if this management will take care of their employees and revisit the wage, once the bonuses kick in. Medical will rise for the employees every year, during the co. profiting years. We will approach mangement and see if they will sit down and work a wage that can absorb the medical and increasing costs associated going forward.