LGA Evacuation

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Aug 20, 2002
Long Island, NY
Working flight 3140 STL-LGA this afternoon, we landed ahead of schedule at 1345 and taxied toward gate D10. Just as we passed the D concourse to make the U-turn to park, an MD-80 ahead of us stopped and as we watched out the windows, began popping slides and shedding passengers. The plane had just arrived and was abeam gate D4 when apparently there was smoke in the ****pit and an evacuation was initiated.
We were stuck there about half an hour while passengers were gathered up and delivered to the terminal building. I don''t want to think of the delays suffered by the aircraft closer in than we were both on the AA side and the UA C concourse.
Anyone have any details? Flight number or whatever? I saw at least one injury; a woman lying on the ground just to the right who apparently was injured going down the slide.
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