Like slaming your foot in the door


Aug 30, 2002
I voted no the first time around,and was hoping the IAM would actually make a effort to represent their members instead of themselves.However the IAM has made it clear they are not going to negotiate any further.( They might actually have to give up their perks)I will probally vote yes this time just to cut off my feet and not my head.I still believe a United-USAirways deal is in the works and I dont want the USAirways mechanics left out in the cold.Every mechanic left on the property after this is over should make it a personal mission to vote out the IAM.I dont blame anyone however they vote because this has been handled very badly by the IAM and the company.Six million in bonuses has caused and will continue to cause a lot of anger amoung the workforce and Dave should have been smarter.No amount of spin will justify this cash grab while lower paid employees are taking massive pay and benefit cuts!Good luck to everyone and Chip your name is infamous among mechanics so just butt out!


Aug 20, 2002
FLL does belonging to the IAM or any union improve, affect or validate your ability to do the job you were hired and trained for?

I am curious about this because I have seen how unions have affected the medical profession (old xray tech now digital imaging consultant) and it's never for the greater good of the company or employee from what I've seen.

So could someone educate me on how and why you need a union?


Sep 9, 2002

USJ I couldn't have said it better myself. I tend to look at it along the lines of pick your poison. There are no winners in this situation, no not even the IAM.

If the T/A is voted down there's a good possibility the IAM will have to pay relatively large some of money to US Airlines, if the TA is approved the membership will look at the IAM like they sold us out and will have to contend with the possibility that they'll lose the mechanics to AMFA.