Looks like Spirit is now getting a little defensive within their nego's with AMFA


Apr 26, 2005
Get use to this Spirit. This is what AMFA does to represent and protect their members rights. Put your big boy and girl panties on and get back to nego table like adults and get a contract done.

May 8, 2023 | Headline

May 8, 2023 -- The parties held a bargaining session on May 3-4 in Fort Lauderdale. At the outset of May 3, AMFA was prepared with counterproposals on two separate articles: Article 17 – Safety and Health and Article 23 – No Strike/No Lockout.
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SCAMFA loses lawsuits and screws all newly unionized workers under the RLA.

And also threatens lawsuits and yet never filed.

And taking seven years to negotiate a contact and get ZERO new work and pay for your own raise by letting WN send work to Aeroman in San Salvador.

Stellar track record. Not!

And let’s not forget the NW fiasco either.
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