Make them fight for it


Aug 20, 2002
Well it looks like most here have read between the mumbo jumbo and are slowly realizing a yes vote is a walk out on the plank. I for one realize that a no vote is possibly and note I said possibly equally as disastrous. But think here.
A no vote stretches this out a little longer and a few more paychecks want hurt anyone also a no vote and bk judge possibly equals a better deal than our step parents are giving us It cant be worse
think again
NO = liquidation maybe
yes equals layoffs and 13.01 for everybody left bad morale customer service and performance = more money losses =liquidation for sure


Aug 28, 2002
Looks like a certain employee went to the Troglodyte School of Intuition.

Simply amazing.


I HAVE to respond here: I am a yes vote as people reading these boards very well know. But I can understand that reasoning exactly. We have people running the show that have NO education about running an airline, or people skills. People hired years ago off the streets trying to make a buck like the rest of us. They start as utility, upgrade to stores, then become buddies with the powers that be and end up becoming airline experts overnight imposing work rules like Kings over the very people they used to work with. These people do NOT have Dave's level of education, yet they have great power over us regardless of that fact. Then along comes hard times, we are asked to give BIG time and these very people are getting bonuses. If that’s not bad enough, top it off with being told: Well we need GOOD people to help us survive. THAT is just one big reason people are having a very difficult time swallowing this bitter pill knowing these very people that helped bring this airline to its knees are going to be awarded to possibly do it again. That is the reason I have emailed Dave several times on this issue, without a response I must add, because I knew this could be U's undoing! These people are not going to, Just Get Over It, like they are hearing either.