Management Cuts

Just heard from friends that the ax has started to fall throughout the company. RIDC Park, OCC, CCY are all reporting management job loses, effective immediately.

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

I have only heard that the cuts were 6-10% system wide. That is in all levels of management. I haven't seen or heard of anyone getting severed yet. Packages were due out last week and for some reason haven't been handed out yet. Everyone I know is on pins and needles waiting, but there is no information anywhere.
Cuts started this morning in CCY, more to follow this week.
Several Departments are being Out-Sourced, ie Human Resources. One of my coworkers (in his 21st year) called HR because he is being laid off effective November 12th and they said we can't help you contact your Union. The HR rep went on to tell him they were ALL out of a job and the company was going to farm out the work. This is not the only department in CCY being cut so 20% sounds about right.
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Sorry to hear that. A reliable source told me 20% of CCY staff were being cut. That's brutal for those affected. But then again, this entire situation is brutal on everyone. Keep the faith.
I was spared but we lost 11 people in my department in CCY -
Seems that HR/Local Managers have handled the process well - not like last year--last time you got a couple of hours to pack up and your Lotus Notes turned off before you even left the buidling.
What are they doing about mgmt cuts in corporate security. They have staff in clt, pit, phl, lga and ccy. They need to cut equally from all depts.
In INT 2 office managers, 2 workload managers,
supervisors yet to be determined....and all of our inventory management staff. Please keep them all in ur prayers..we've lost some good workers.
how about all of those procedure folks.....that when they want to visit with their family and the flights are full....they book space positive and walk in and spend maybe twenty minutes at the station and then write a report that they were there for two days.....i can show anyone dates times or anything else, that i know for fact some of these people are charging the company for.....also while their visiting the family they rent cars....of course at company expense....i don't wish things like not having a job on anyone, but i have watched the abuse so many one i just saw.....we were changing the coach meal from cold to hot, so two people from the catering department, they both had around a 99 seniority date come down, two of them, not one and they had to test the food, they flew in at 1400, went to the hotel that afternoon and came back to the airport the next day around 1300, two hours before their flight left, tasted the food and flew much do you think this cost the company, for two people to fly down space positive, stay overnight, they probably rented a car, not sure about that...just to try a hot meal out....there is so much abuse in this company, it isn't even funny.....
I hear over 1000 mgt was let go or reassigned any imput or news on this to confirm?

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