Management isn''t serious about turning this company around


Aug 20, 2002
I want to thank the Pilot who was well informed and came into one of our breakrooms today (You told me you read these post and now you know who I am).
And I think it is a great idea to have pilots share the information to the rest of us.
To sum things up, the information presented showed how management stands to get millions in a couple years and it compared this company to ''like companies'' in the same situation. Looking at some of the other companys, and even a couple in this industry, our management was way out of line as far as its benefits. Our management benefits totaled with the projections actually more than some of the companys that are not in bankruptcy. Then the comparison of SWA was made and it just convinced me that the main reason why we can never equal SWA is because we are handicapped at the complete cost of management which is millions apart.
It was then presented that our management has a totally disporportionate amount of new stock in comparison to every other case on record. I don''t know if this is true info but if it is then MAN ALIVE! Thirdly, it was presented that it is almost unheard of for a bankrupt company to be in bankruptcy and put forth a plan to spend billions of dollars reinventing a new airline. This is where I got chill bumps up my spine, as I always thought that it was normal for a company to include increased spending with a new business plan.
Finally, I was told that all of this was presented to management in negotiations and management decided to do nothing about it. If management was serious then they would be in line with normal cost.
Things look pretty bad because in my opinion the pilots are going to scare off passengers who are afraid to fly on us because of a potential strike. If I was a pilot I would do the same thing. I think management is calling ALPA''s bluff and I think management is going to find out just how much ALPA ISN''T BLUFFING.


Aug 20, 2002
You know we have been around this block! I dont believe a pilot will risk having 0 pension and 0 income period........ its plan and simple.... theres a fight but not today......