Maybe SWA needs to improve the perks a bit. Can't have little ole Spirit out do SWA.


Apr 26, 2005
I think the Spirit thing of getting upper teer status was a promo that only lasted a certain amount of time and is no longer available, so it's not readily available anymore until they present another special. But SWA is still the easiest to get the freebie flights and rewards in the industry and DOESN'T have to run promo specials in order to get folks to jump onboard, a big difference there. Would love to see a response from SWA in light of this article actually claiming Spirit out did SWA. Let the sparring begin, I say.
Of course as stated you will have to do a "hack" in a limited time frame in order to get this status, so good luck folks.

It's not a hack to fall for somebody's marketing gimmicks.

There's no reason for Southwest or anyone else to emulate the bottom feeder.
8 to 10 outsourced lines
Guaranteeing 3.0 mechs (not necessarily AMTs) when you already are over 3.75
Withdrawing the NDT grievance
What an awesome deal!!!!!

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