McCain's not a "true" American!

Already had this discussion weeks ago BlackBear! You need to come up with your new forum names faster, so you can try to keep up !

McCain was born on an "American Military Base" to a "U.S. Soldier"..................................Nobama was not ! :down:
it's almost the same thing when you put it in context ....

you contend that obama was born out of country to an american girl ....

he contends that mccain was born out of country to an american soldier ...

So if we were to look at things your way ... both canidates were born outside of the united states ....

But only because the vast majority of us are RATIONAL do we accept both men as americans ..
McCain was born on foreign soil.

Obama was born on US soil.

Yet, right-wing nutjobs who have nothing better to do than make up lies out of whole cloth continue to feign indignation about Obama's citizenship even as they remain tellingly silent about McCain's. Those who continue this nonsense are people for whom facts and truth mean nothing --- and character means even less.
Not at all, but evidently it has some concerned:
I like how you dig out a four year old thread to make some lame point.

Why didn't you just change your thread to :


John McCains Son Married a Black Chick

Personally, I'd hook up with the Boehner party for some damn good Ganja.
Boehner is anti-decriminalization. What are you talking about?

As for the thread, all I did was find the last thread that had McCain in the title and used it. I don't feel the need to start a new thread for each news event.
The comments under the article are disturbing. Thankfully they are becoming a smaller and smaller minority .... I hope.