Dec 3, 2002
so you all thought that the company was playing!!!!!!!!!!Now with United down the pipes I hope your brains have kicked in and you have all started to think that the unemployment line is just one more step closer if youu dont change your tune. LIKE I HAVE SAID OVER AND OVER AGAIN SOME JOB IS BETTER THAN NO JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!and the job market is not what it use to be. I have alot of freinds out of jobs right now that are going to be greeting in walmart when unemployment stops after xmas and they have not been able to get a job. SO THINK,THINK,THINK. You and anyone is replaceble in life and if you think you are a gift to the company wake-up fokes it is just business what they are doing here. They are not here to be your best freind they are here to make money the same as you are and if you were not around to make money you would be working for free.

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