Merging with US and still considering a transaction with CO?

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Oct 17, 2005

What transaction is UA considering with CO????
From ATA Smart Brief

United, US Airways may reach merger deal within 10 days, reports say
United Airlines and US Airways continue to negotiate a possible merger and could reach an agreement within the next 10 days, according to media reports. Talks have been ongoing for about six weeks, and the airlines have identified about $1.5 billion in potential cost savings. United is also considering a transaction with Continental Airlines, reports say. Observers say integrating workforces remains a concern for the carriers. They say United and US Airways would want their transaction to receive antitrust scrutiny on the same schedules as the anticipated merger of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) (5/5)

What transaction could UA be considering with CO while still considering merging with US?
Just sounds like UAL is keeping all options open and on the table. I had to scratch my head at that report as well. The media reports seem to be all over the place. :unsure:
A thread for merger discussion already exists.

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