Metrojet coming back courtesy of delta


Aug 21, 2002
sound like metrojet however the use of 757 to compete with jetblue and southwest on the east coast was a plan Siegel said he would apply to Usairways.
His thoughts were if the operating cost could come down these big planes would full up faster and would be able to compete...
Imagine if Delta ,U ,AA decided to implement this plan on the east coast and east west routes..


Sep 9, 2002
This is how DL has managed to hold their own against low-cost competition in Florida much longer than US Airways. They fly widebodies down here, so for the cost of one flight and crew, you bring in a whole mess of people. This results in a much more agreeable cost per seat.

To add to US Airways list of dumb things management has done, using old, unreliable, fuel-inefficient, small airplanes to compete in those markets was about as intellegent as me entering my Ford Escort into the Indy 500. But they got the bonus money, right?


Aug 20, 2002
Your not quite correct Dave said it's not the aircraft, schedule, ticket pricing nightmare, or fuel. The reason we lost Florida is because of our high labor costs and taxes.

He also said Mgmt needed the 6 mil in bonuses because we could not lose the talent. I think he is right. Here in the US the airline business is filled with strong airlines just looking for more management with proven track records of success like the ones at U. Just imagine what would happen if our talent went to Southwest?