MHV Ford Truck Commercial


Aug 20, 2002
I doubt US even needed to object...I''m sure Ford edited it on its own initiative. Just leaf through an Aviation Week or Flight International and you''ll see all kinds of ads where planes in recognizable airline liveries have been "genericized"--colors modified, logos and titles deleted, etc. This is pretty standard practice, as nobody wants to deal with a trademark infringment lawsuit!
I saw that Ford truck commercial this week where they are towing the DC3 past rows of US and MetroJet parked aircraft. Only this time, those airplanes look a lot more generic. No more red more red tail tops....just black and grey generic jets. Even the red stripes on the silver MD80''s looked black.

And yes, before someone asks, I WAS watching a color TV!

Has anyone else noticed that this commercial appears to have been modified?
I wonder if US objected to the original version and make them change it.
In the interest of accuracy, the plane being towed wasn''t a DC-3, it was a Curtiss C-46 Commando, sort of a mega-DC3. Curtiss built hundreds of them during WWII; they were a mainstay of the Army''s Flying Tigers and I believe some were still flying commercially in China into the 1990''s.

Empty, with its huge wing, it makes a pretty good glider.
A while back on the USDAILY phone line they said that usairways asked ford to change the colors on the usairways a/c..and ford agreed.

I have seen that commercial 20 times with the ''silver'' planes.