Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport

Aug 20, 2002
By my count, MSP (via the MSP airport web site) has a pretty astounding  118  gates, with a nice mix of Wide Body, Narrow Body and Regional a/c gates.  I had NO Idea that that great airport had THAT many gates.
Though Delta would fight-like-helll so as Not to lose market share there, MSP would be a perfect place for Doug Parker (AA) to ever so slowly start adding flights in/out of MSP.  I say Parker(AA), because SW and UA have shown NO inclination to challenge DL in MSP. But as poker players at a LAS casino, 'Dougie is a far more active player than Anderson, Kelly and the UAL ceo Most days of the week.  Hopefully, 'Dougie or his lackeys are reading this comment.
I'm sure that someone (eolsen) can post the market share of the other airlines out of MSP.
Yours truly x2 is thinking STRONGLY of relocating from NH, to the land of the Minnesota Vikings, Blonde Women,a Democratic Stronghold, the Friendliest people in the USA and COLD (Just as I LIKE it.)      Yea.      I can see me pushing  wheelchairs around MSP to add some 'Pocket Scheckles'    :D
AA seems to have little to no interest in growing business at MSP.  And, since you're asking why doesn't AA expand at MSP, why isn't this posted in the American Airlines forum?  Surely, you're not attempting to start an argument with DL employees just for the sake of starting an argument.  That's one of the reasons that participation on this forum has dropped so drastically.