Mitt Romney Files FEC Paperwork To Run In 2016 Election

Mitt Romney is running?  well, I for one am positively whelmed.  Let's hope he grabs the hearts and minds of the voting public like he did last time around.  Too little.  Too late.  I'm afraid.  If he had stepped in several primaries ago, then maybe.
Ifi this was anything of substance every network in the country would be running with it till then it's just rambling from some hack web site
Only a IDIOT, a complete certifiable REPUBLICAN  I D I O T, will try to 'pull some shite' on  D J T, because he will go..........THIRD PARTY, in a   (ahem)   N Y......MINUTE   !!!!
He has absolutely NOTHING To Lose.
(and me personally, I STILL haven't  ruled out a  Bill Clinton, D J T  conspiracy)  !!
Talk about a perfect Trifecta.
1. The POTUS
2. The US Senate
3. A SCOTUS Justice.
The GIFT, that ALWAYS  keeps On  G I V I N G  !
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'Dog,....I swear to God that  I'm going to give myself a stomach HERNIA from laughing Sooooo Hard, watching the Southern Evangelical  RED NECKS, worshiping at the feet of the  LOUD MOUTH  from New   YAARK  City !  The more the DONALD emits, the more they slurp up  and Swallow  !   Day by day, as the southern states vote in thier primary's, the more I think I'm dreaming a fabulous dream, only to realize that I'm not sleeping  ! !  Christ, the DONALD even has Jerry Falwell jr. Conned !