Monday night Football and USAIRWAYS


Dec 13, 2002
Last night while watching NEW ENGLAND get their ... handed to them by that team from Houston that now calls BNA their home I saw an add that stirred some emotion.
Chevy has put together a 60 second bit of one of their trucks pulling an old Boeing through an a/c graveyard. Sadly to the trained eye, and to the untrained eye as well, there are many shots of USAirways a/c in the background all bundled up waiting for their unknown. Mostly our DC-9s, 737-200 MetroJet livery, and MD-80''s. However, I know that I saw atleast one of our 757''s.
Just when you think that you might escape our madness for a few brief hours you are confronted with the sheer reality that our airline has fallen too. Maybe you too will be able to see this primetime bit. ENJOY!