Feb 13, 2003
Dave will be back soon for more pay cuts from pilots and it won''t stop until we have 50K FO''s and 80K Captains -- just watch. The MEC won''t stop him -- he keeps coming back because he can!



Aug 21, 2002
"......... it won''t stop until we have 50K FO''s and 80K Captains -- just watch......."

Wow! 50K FO''s..... That would be a 200% pay raise for a Wholly-Owned FO.

Wow! 80K Captains, even for the 25+ year guys at the Wholly-Owneds that would represent one hell of a raise.

But of course, they weren''t hand picked by God to become a part of the prefered ALPA Group.

Not to worry though, MESA just pulled the rug out from under everyone just so they can play the J4J game. It won''t stop until there is a MESA 747-400 crewed by a Captain and FO together making 50K. Does anyone at ALPA National actually understand the word UNION?


Aug 21, 2002
On 3/29/2003 12:32:28 PM TBONEJ4J wrote:

Wow! 50K FO''s..... That would be a 200% pay raise for a Wholly-Owned FO.

Wow! 80K Captains, even for the 25+ year guys at the Wholly-Owneds that would represent one hell of a raise.


This is not true. Not even close.


Aug 19, 2002
I know for certain that the world will not all of the sudden change in regards to what anyone would call visible/tangible or personal progress....Emerging from BK in the court is indeed a step in the right direction...but change and absolution from past mistakes is still an issue toward returning to making a profit in this industry. The groundwork laid will spell it out in due time..Or Not?/ or else....that is if a protracted war doesn''t sink the industry as a whole....or even the entire economy? I support our Military...and My President...but this is an issue beyond compare as to many of our futures.

(1) Massive Acft orders WILL NOT be announced on Monday...or likely many Mondays to come. The Loans still have to be secured and deals penciled....Sure we have had discussions with this company and that...but remember we are still parking Acft on the books now. 7- Airbus Narrow Bodies and a few B737''s and B757''s come to mind.....Many will likely never return to our service for various reasons.

(2) MDA or MAA...whichever you choose to call it? Will not all of the sudden rise like a Phoenix from the Flames. The heavens will not just open up...and rain pennies on us. Many I have talked to that are in the formative groups for MDA are now beginning to wonder if this will ever become reality themselves? I have had my doubts about it from the time it was announced....and still feel that it was nothing more than a "Carrot to Dangle" in front of Junior ALPA Members....and something to make the Senior Members feel good about themselves while they waved Good-Bye to the Junior ones. J4J is better than nothing....but the rest whom were affected will really feel it , should they opt to go to MDA?...again , If it ever becomes reality?.

(3) What I can say for certain that Monday will bring is this. More IAM Members will be shown the door from various stations. I will be saying Good-Bye Sunday to a number of my Mechanic friends from CLT that are here in PIT with me now. This will likely be our second and final Good-Bye. The furlough notices are already handed out....and the faces are already long.

(4) I can also plan to wave Good-Bye to 5% more of my already depleted salary on Monday...and then cautiously await the next shoe to drop.....We are all in the same boat on this issue , so I won''t drum that beat anymore than needed....It was after all "A Come Monday Thread".

(5) Come Monday I will be awaiting a Non-Rev Flight from PIT to CLT.....This is just so I can do my 2002 NC State taxes...and the Federal stuff too. Then come Tuesday , I will be sitting around with an irregular heartbeat , sweating it out about returning to PIT , so I won''t lose my job for reasons beyond my control.

(6) Come Monday , The Flight Schedule will be reduced...again complicating the lives of many dis-placed workers like myself.....Yet another concern while watching "Must Rides" getting all the seats between the hubs.

(7) Come Monday....The Rumors and Anxieties caused by the flight reductions will start reaching a fever pitch. Nobody I have talked to happens to believe that the company will not reduce more jobs when flights are being slashed....and why should anyone believe otherwise? The reasons for me are clear , It''s about the MONEY...but I just don''t think many are really buying the "Party Line" anymore.

(8) Come Monday....I''ll hopefully wake up , just like I have for the last upteen years....and will be able to relax a little until work begins again on Wednesday

Does anyone know where I can get one of the old bumper stickers that said "God I hate Mondays" ?

All the obvious asside...I''m happy to still be working the majority of the time...and I''m hoping that things will change for the better one upcoming Monday....I''ll settle for good news on any day of the week actually....But I don''t see it being this Monday.

Best to all.....Pray it doesn''t rain to make a Monday even more dreadfull this week


Aug 20, 2002
Why is it unsettling that our first day out of bankruptcy is April Fools day?

Waiting for the next shoe to drop, who would have thought we had so many shoes.......


Dec 29, 2002
Bob ,

In Bronner's interviews, he states that they will be only staying with the airline 1-2 years....he's not keeping his money here that long. And he's not just going to leave...he will sell his controling interest and shares to ???????

I am sure mangement will try to "circumvent" our "change in control "language in our contracts; but we got that covered.