Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
With all this talk about workers in PHL, how is it that Southworst doesn't have a similar problem with labor? How are they able to get the turn times they get even in PHL??? Is there a significant pay differential between their ramp and US?

According to Southwest's website, they are currently hiring for ramp agents in PHL--actually, they are hiring ramp agents at a number of locations.

Starting pay for BWI and PHL...
$10.18/hr first year then $10.50/hr, second year.
All other locations...
$8.75/hr first year, then $10.18/hr, second year.

However (and this is a BIG however), here is a short list of employee benefits available from Day one on the payroll.

1. Free unlimited space available travel for employee and eligible family members. (At AA, we pay a small service charge for even coach travel up until 5 years on the payroll.)
2. Profit sharing for all employees (32 consecutive years of profit).
3. Dollar for Dollar matching in 401-K up to 7.3% of salary. (I was told by a friend who works for SW here in Dallas that this one benefit, along with the stock purchase plan, has made millionaires out of several of the senior f/as who have been around since the beginning years.)
4. Stock purchase plan. Employee pays 90% of current stock price. Company pays all broker commissions.
5. Medical Insurance--cafeteria style with both PPO and HMO choices. Free to employee. Nominal charge for family coverage.
6. Dental Insurance. Free to employee. Nominal charge for family members.
7. Free life insurance as some multiple of annual salary.

I know that AA comes closer than most airlines to this, but we're not really that close. How does this measure up against current US Air bennies?

Harry Callahan

Sep 16, 2002
Your rearview mirror
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SKY HIGH states: The reality of the job is, lifting HEAVY BAGS (most of us would last 30 minutes loading a plane) and working in (depending on the station)extreme weather conditions. Ever work on the ramp when it's 5 degrees? Or in the belly of an aircraft when it's 113 degrees out? Ever walk by the check-in counter and see the size of some of those bags? OUCH. All for 10 bucks an hour X 40 hours a week. $400 per week to bust your BACK? lets not forget those federal taxes. $1,600 per month BEFORE taxes. Could you pay rent or a mortage on that? Even feed yourself? This company better put a PERMANENT "for Hire" sign at the umemployment office in PHL, for these wages. There will be a revolving door of workers in PHL and attitudes to match.
only stating opinions.

Thank you SKY HIGH.