Moving Under One Roof


Nov 9, 2003
World News Roundup
Moving under one roof
Aviation Week & Space Technology
06/14/2004, page 18

Moving under one roof, Star Alliance is looking at developing exclusive terminals or terminal areas providing joint airport facilities including ticket sales offices, check-in counters, lounges and transfer and baggage services to ease connections for customers and reduce duplication of investments. Star Vice President of Products and Services Lee Hock Lye says plans to provide input and support the long-term development program at Los Angeles airport are on. Star will co-locate all its members in Miami's new Concourse 'J' by 2006, to the new Tokyo Terminal 1 also by 2006, the new Chubu Airport Nagoya by 2005 and to Bangkok's new International Airport by late 2005. In Paris, Star members will be concentrated in the renovated Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1 by 2009 and in London, a master plan is under development to colocate all Star Alliance members in one terminal by 2008. Madrid will have members at the new Terminal 4 by 2005 and in Warsaw by 2008 in its new terminal areas.



Dec 17, 2002
As much as I disagree, I know that somebody will say it, so let's get it out of the way now: "US won't be around long enough for this to matter."

There. It's been said, let's make his a thread for commenting on this news rather than arguing over when US will collapse, like EVERY other thread is.


Aug 28, 2002
I know this has been discussed many times before, and little has really been done about it to date.

What about SFO? I guess US is supposed to move into the gates currently occupied by AA? And, if so, AA would move to where AS/CO/HP are now (the ones originally occupied by TWA)? And, if so, AS/CO/HP would move to...where?

I mean, I'd expect SkyTeam to try to keep things together, but DL and NW have their concourse filled right now, so adding CO doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. But AS seems to be most tightly coupled with NW...

Anyway, enough SFO babbling...just wondering how this is supposed to play out at other airports.


Aug 20, 2002
RowUnderDCA said:
Does the Star Alliance have staff and offices in the States?
No they don't have anything in the US. Star Alliance "HQ" is a set of offices in Frankfurt Airport. If you take the walkways from Terminal 1 that take you to the rail station, Sheraton etc there's an "Airport Zentrum" (or some similar name) and you'll find Star in there. The main "staff" are an IT group and a program management group, and then staff on secondment from each airline support the VPs (six IIRC) and Aalbrecht. I forget the six areas that are defined.