My wife is abandoned!!!

Oct 6, 2019
My wife is abandoned!!!!! My wife had a flight to Israel today, October 6, 2019. Her flight started with Alaska then went to Seattle -- supposed to have 4 hour layover, but there were mechanical issues. She got to Seattle 1 hour before the flight on Kiwi airlines to London. The lady at Kiwi was rude and told my wife she could not go -- as 1 hour was not enough time. Practically tore up the ticket. She said go to Alaska airline as it was their fault. Alaska says that since the flight wasn't booked through their airline that it is no longer their responsibility. My wife is currently abandoned in Seattle. I have never heard of such a thing.
Perfect example of why I am leery of flying discount airlines. There is quite often no backup for off-schedule situations. It's especially problematic in the cases where the discount airline has only 1 flight/day (or less) to desired destination. And, no one wants to step up to the plate and correct the problem. If nothing else, gives you a chance to write some killer op-ed pieces for the local newspapers. Title banner suggestion...THINK TWICE OR 3 TIMES BEFORE BOOKING NORWEGIAN. or as you did here, WIFE ABANDONED! (with one addition: WIFE ABANDONED BY NORWEGIAN AIRLINES. Airlines hate publicity about service screwups. What would be particularly difficult for Norwegian to explain is why one hour was not enough time to get your wife checked-in and boarded. That one mystifies me.

Sorry you are in this mess. Keep us posted about how it gets resolved. (I would like to believe that Norwegian will somehow come up with a solution.)
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It was our fault! My wife did purchase the tickets to Seattle separately from the other tickets. She took a risk and it failed. Our fault.
Yep. You thought you'd save a couple bucks by split ticketing, and now you learned why that's a really bad idea.

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