Need info about AKA flight attendant hiring


Feb 18, 2012
I am a 24 yr flight attendant veteran with a major. I am thinkin about taking the buyout and going with Alaska for a change. I am from Alaska and am homesick to go back. Is there a AKA flight attendant who can answer a few questions for me before I make a decision?
1. Are they hiring "older" flight attendants? I am say...ummm. over 50(but look 40)
2. How long is reserve in Anch? I am assuming reserve is most Jr. in Anchorage
3.Can you trade reserve days around? Can you pick up during reserve months on days off? When you have a schedule, can you drop or pickup?
4 Are all the supervisors women? yes, fa supervisors who are women are the worse!
5. On, a personal note, is there any supervisors in ANc by the name of Jan or Sandy? don't ask, long long story
6. And by my calculations, It looks like take home for reserve is about $1000. Is this about right?

thanks, any help would be appreciated...take care