New competitor at ABE


Aug 30, 2002
The Lehigh Valley International Airport website is featuring new nonstop service beginning April 3 to LAX, offered by Interstate Jet (Flightserv). The introductory fare is $49 one way. Regular fares will range from $99 - $219 one way.
US Airways and Delta Express dropped nonstop service to Orlando after 9/11. Many passengers are now patronizing Southeast''s nonstops to Sanford, Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater, rather than connect in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Atlanta.
With all of the concessions that employees have given the major airlines lately, it is time for marketing departments to offer competitive service, rather than encouraging passengers to fly Southeast, Interstate, Airtran, JetBlue and Southwest.
If the Interstate and Southeast service are viable, how long will it take for Southwest to realize that they could siphon passengers from Newark and Philadelphia by flying out of Allentown?


Aug 20, 2002
I believe that they are also going to serve ATL with 737-400 equip. opertating for " Hooters", with a $29 fare to start. The LAX service is with a 757.


Jan 4, 2003
Just another fine example of ~WHY~ the airlines are going bankrupt...trying to "appease" the flying public !
After 17 years on the lines in Rez, seeing the realities, this fare & airline will last a month if that ! I can see it all now...the employess will subsidize the airline, and the service as it is now...will become a fading memory.It won't be at my I have better plans for the future