New mechanics T/A soon?

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Nov 19, 2002
The word is the deal is done.
Oakland is gone
Indy is gone
150-250 a month for your med. insurance
People who can retire now maybe should leave now
because they are going to pay a huge medigap premium
if they wait.
R+D is gone also
Temp paycut is permanent for life of 6 year contract extension.
The no layoff letter is modified.Layoffs until 1-01-90
will be permitted.Good luck

How many mechanics total in Indy and Oak??
1000 Indy
900 Oak ??
R+D another 500 at least??

Found out paycut is 13% and vacation,holidays remain the same.
We will do a,b,c checks only.C-checks will be brought back in house.
If this isnt ratified the company has a plan if they have to go to the judge
and from whatI have been told its the worst of the worst if we vote no.
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