News of ISP


Aug 19, 2002
Hey ART how's it going? I hope all is well!!!

Nope, sad to say there is nothing much going on at our little airport[:((], but I think we have a few things to look for in the future.

A change in DL service. I really believe that when DL makes a final decision as to what it will do with Express, we will have some big changes at ISP.There are a few possible scenarios.

1. n/s FLA service maintained but with different aircraft. (some are speculating the 757 which would be great, I am leaning toward the 727, MD-80 or 737-300) all other services maintained as is.

2. n/s FLA service cut all together. DLX axed, 737s go to CVG base, DL replaces CRJ flights to CVG with 737-200s (I think this is possible because:
1. Comair flights are always packed and right now there are no larger aircraft that comair can operate into ISP to CVG that can be operated under the Comair banner
2. CVG flights are higher yield for DL as they carry pax doing trans-cons and going mid-west rather than the ominous ISP snowbirds.

3. Morning and afternoon ATL flights upgraded to larger aircraft. If DLX is axed than the CR7 flights will be packed (as they are now) I think DL really has built a good customer base with the RJ at ISP and it will soon be time to expand even more

I would like to see US really do something else with ISP. Why they have given RJ flights to PIT from places like Elmira NY and not ISP is beyond me. The 50 seat dahses are good but they are not cutting it. US is now the at a real competetive disadvantage at ISP because they are the only carrier (excluding commutair) still operating props. I hope that when Mid-Atlantic comes into play that RJ flights are added to PIT and CLT.