No C.S.''s on the Holidays

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Our wonderful union, the TWU, in it''s infinite wisdom made some changes in the current contract. One of those brilliant changes was that all hours worked on a Holiday will be paid at 2 1/2 times rate of pay. This now include hours worked on a C.S. So management has fixed that problem by posting at MCI that there will no longer be any on any Holiday. They say someone worked 20 hours on the 4th of July, most of those hours being C.S. hours, grieved for the Holiday pay for all hours, and won. Thanks TWU, you guys really thought that one out didn''t you?
I wish it wasn't true either. I've talked to our union president, and he confirmed it. The CSM who made the rule about no CS's said he had talked to HQ, and it's true. All hours worked on a Holiday are now Holiday Pay on the new contract.
Bags you keep up the WHINING! If others on this board don't like it then I guess they could do something else with their time......
As I see the union tried to make it so everyone who worked got holiday pay. If there is someone to blame. See the greedy jerk who found a loop hole, used it for himself and screwed every other member in the process.
[:sun:] There is a way around this problem. At my station, we can CS on holidays and get straight time pay under the rules of the old contract. If you want any more details, send me a private message.
QQAAramp, I sent you a PM, but still haven't heard back from you. All CS's were canceled at MCI yesterday on the holiday.
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